Système des contradictions économiques/Tome II/191

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Système des contradictions économiques/Tome II/191/190 Système des contradictions économiques/Tome II/191/192

the social organism is constituted in principle, the germ has received the vivifying principle, and the collective man comes into existence.

But the division of labor supposes some generalized functions and some functions parcellaires: from the inequality of conditions among the workers, raising some up and bringing others low; and from the first epoch, industrial antagonism repkaces primitive community.

All the subsequent evolutions tend at once, on the one hand to bring about the equilibrium of the faculties, and on the other always to develop industry and goodwill. We have seen how, on the contrary, the providential effort led always to an equal and divergent progress of poverty and wealth, of incapacity and science. In the second epoch, appear capital and the salariat, the selfish and injurious division; in the third, the evil is increased by the commercial war; in the fourth, it is concentrayed and generalized by monopoly; in the fifth, it receives the consecration of the State.