The Anarchist Federation of New York—Monthly Report

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Monthly Report.


The mass meeting for the unemployed, organized by the Federation, has proven very successful. A series of such meetings are now in preparation, with the object of carrying on a systematic and effective propaganda.

The Federation has issued 25,000 leaflets, explaining in a popular manner the causes of the crisis and the remedy. The leaflets have been sent for free distribution all over the country. We are daily receiving requests for more of our leaflets, and we are preparing to meet the supply. But we should like to call the attention of comrades and groups that the work of the Federation requires considerable funds. All those interested in the spread of revolutionary Anarchism will greatly aid our work by giving us both their moral and financial support.

Besides the leaflets we are also publishing an educational pamphlet, in Jewish and English, on the subject of the crisis. The pamphlets will be ready by the time this report reaches our comrades. Those wishing a consignment of the pamphlets are requested to notify us at once. We shall be able to supply the pamphlets at $2 per hundred. The English pamphlet will contain 8 pages, while the Jewish will consist of 16.

The Federation has decided to issue Subscription Lists, in order to raise a fund for systematic propaganda on a large scale. Those wishing to assist in our work and desiring Lists, should notify the treasurer.

Besides a number of individual comrades, the following groups have joined the Federation: Mother Earth, Progressive Library, Weckruf, Licht fur Frauen, Freier Entwicklungs-Verein, Group Freiheit, Anarchistisches Lese-Zimmer, all of New York. Further have joined: Group Arbeiter Freund, Montreal; Group Freiheit, Paterson, and comrades of Atlantic City.

The Federation, realizing the importance of Anarchist propaganda and enthusiastic in the cause, is entering upon the good work with courage, energy, and hope.

Fraternally, The Anarchist Federation of New York.

P. S.—All communications to the Federation are to be addressed to the Secretary, J. O. Behr, 552 Fox St., New York. Money to be sent to the Treasurer, Alexander Berkman, 210 E. 13th St., New York.

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