The Arts And Crafts Movement

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WHAT becomes til y'r work, Casey, is nawthin'; it's art fur art's sake that'll make ye happy, and not the whiskey. I heard a man say as ' art was the expression of man's jy in his labor.' Putt another row av bricks on the hod, me bye, ye want to feel the jy of th' workin'.

"Th' pay's of no consikense, that's the raison th' boss docked ye fr bein' late this marnin'; it's dhriftin' away frem th' divine ye are, ye'r bein' rooned be commercialism an th' competitive systim, ye Harp."

"'Do ye think ye can afford to be doin' slipshod, evasive, hypocritical work?' the man says. Not whilst I've got Bridget an' the sevin childher—not widout me, says I, goin' in fur the simple loife of the poor-hus."