The Fruits of Unearned Wealth

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The Fruits of Unearned Wealth.

No sooner was the lamp of Law rubbed than a hideous genie of gigantic size appeared; his name was Monopoly, and he said to Aladdin: "What wouldst thou have?" and Aladdin said, " Happiness." "That," said the genie, " Allah alone can give, but I can give you stupendous power, or the fairest of women, or travel, or knowledge, or the best of art that can be had for such as you, or undreamed of luxury." And Aladdin said: "All these will 1 take; or better, bring me at once all that comes from these; bring me their results." And the genie said: "It is well." So he brought to Aladdin Suspicion and Flattery and Ennui and Loneliness and Satiety and Disease.

  • Bolton Hall, “The Fruits of Unearned Wealth.,” The Independent 53, no. 2734 (April 25, 1901): 950-951.