The Golden Dollar And The Mergen Thaler

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A SPECULATOR came to the Land of the Free; and, the land being free, he soon appropriated it to himself. Those who wished to work on the land itself, or on things furnished by the land, became unsatisfied in body and dissatisfied in mind. The Farmers first felt the restraint. Said they:—

"We have to use poor land, or else pay a third of our crops for the use of good land. We"—

"Stop," said the Speculator. "It is not monopoly that is the matter, but the money you have."

"But we haven't any money," said they.

"Perhaps not," said the Speculator. "But I have, and the Golden Thaler makes the Farmer poor."

Those who supported his interest added:—

"Farming is very bad, but you should work fifteen hours instead of ten. Then you can all live."

"That's long hours," said the Farmers.

"You are a lot of Anarchists," said the Speculator.

The Speculator printed all this for general circulation. When the Printers saw it, they did not believe it. Said they:—

"The Farmer and the Mechanic can't get at the resources of the earth: therefore, they can't earn anything to pay for what we print. We"—

"Oh, no: it isn't I that make the trouble," said the Speculator. "It is the machines we have."

"But we haven't any machines," said the Printers.

"True; but I have," replied the Speculator. "It is the Mergen Thaler that makes Printers poor."

Those who were attached to the Monopoly system added:—

"Business certainly is bad, but you should work but five days a week. Then there will be enough work for you all."

"That's short wages," said the Printers.

"You're a pack of Demagogues," said the Speculator.

"We don't want more work," said the Farmers.

"We don't want less work," said the Printers.

"We want the Earth," said both together.

"The people are crazy about those socialist ideas," said the Speculator. "We need a bigger standing army and a war."