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The Libertarian Labyrinth archive has existed, in one form or another, for over a decade now. It grew initially out of the my researches into some of the more obscure corners of political history. It became clear that knowing what anarchism had meant, meant currently, and could mean in the future, was going to require some wandering in areas not traditionally included in our history. Texts from the individualist and mutualist anarchist traditions, and those from the traditions of the cooperative movement and the various socialist experiments, were hard to access. Talking and writing about these traditions, without having the major texts themselves available, often seemed an exercise in futility.

The debates in anarchist and libertarian circles have changed over the last decade, and many of the important texts have become available, either through the efforts of various independent archivists or through those of larger archives, such as, Gallica, and Google Books. But the changes have simply highlighted new ways in which the process of understanding, and actively inheriting our traditions seems to require some journeying in the labyrinth of history. The 2008 revision of The Libertarian Labyrinth, which will launch officially on July 4, 2008, is an attempt to consolidate and upgrade the previous decades sometimes too-labyrinthine efforts.