The Need of Personal Development

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Portland, Me., April 13,1871.

F. E. Abbot:

Dear Sir,—The unnecessary sensitiveness shown by Mr. Lynn prompts me to send a word of encouragement for the able manner in which you have conducted your paper. As a Spiritualist, and one well known to the readers of various Spiritualist papers during the past five years, I would emphatically endorse and reiterate the sentiment of your correspondent who unconsciously stirred up Mr. Lynn.

We do want more of just such labor as you are giving to the cause, and not dreamy platitudes on "the planes of life in the heavenly world;" more earnest endeavor to induce men to "develope" their own powers, to rely on their oxen judgment, to follow their own reason in preference to that of another, whether it comes over the signature of Benjamin Franklin or some lamented grandmother. If "the great majority of Spiritualists today do not have confidence enough in the words of. their spirit friends," yet they have more confidence in their own spirit,—a faith sadly in need of culture, however.

Trance-speaking, with its frothy eloquence and dearth of ideas, may serve many yet; but those who think, who are interested in the great problems of the day, in scientific and theological fields, will appreciate your labor and heartily wish you success.

Yours truly,

Dyer D. Lum.