The Organization of Labor and Association

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This 1846 work, by Fourierist Mathieu Briancourt, was translated into English by Francis George Shaw in 1847. A condensed Précis de l'organisation du travail was also published in France. The work explains in a more familiar setting the principles laid out by Charles Fourier in "Appendix A" of his The Theory of Four Movements.<ref>See The Lesson of the Pear-Growers' Series for some discussion of these principles.</ref> Orestes Brownson included an extended review of the work in the January 1848 issue of Brownson's Quarterly Review.


  1. Anarchical Labor
  2. Organized Industry
  3. Man Is Created for Association
    • The Professor's Manuscript
      • Attractions are proportional to Destinies
    • Continuation of the Manuscript
      1. The terrestrial Destiny of Humanity
      2. Of the Stimulants of Man and of their Mission
      3. Objections
      4. The Return



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