The Radical Rat

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A Rat started to bore through Monopoly's dam. Night and day he kept at it. One could see how muddy he made the water, and now and then bubbles came up.

Monopoly was alarmed. He threw in big logs and built out the back of the dam. He drove in huge piles. The dam looked stronger than ever. As Monopoly worked to broaden the dam, he filled up the pond and some of the water ran over the top. Still the rat kept boring.

Monopoly was frightened. He dumped loads of dirt behind the rat so that the rat had to bore his way back; but the new dirt was soft and loose.

Monopoly reasoned with the rat, and also threw stones at him; he said: "You are attacking the base of the structure, where the dam is thickest; you will never succeed that way; besides, you will bring about a catastrophe." Still the rat kept on boring.

When he came up for breath, he saw that Monopoly was making the dam higher with new piles and heaps of dirt and brushwood, and the rat was almost discouraged. Still he kept boring. The rising water pressed hard upon the dam.

Monopoly argued: "You are such a little rat. The dam is vast and old; you can never tear it down."

Said the rat, "But I need only to make one little hole; the water will do the rest." The rat keeps on boring.