The Spirit of the Age

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The Spirit of the Age was edited by William Henry Channing and published by Fowler and Wells in New York. It inherited the subscription lists, and some of the purposes, of The Univercoelum and Spiritual Philosopher and The Harbinger.

Contributors to The Spirit of the Age included Channing, Joshua King Ingalls, Charles A. Dana, William Batchelder Greene, Albert Brisbane, Marx Edgeworth Lazarus, George Ripley, and Parke Godwin. The journal also contained contained translations from the works of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Pierre Leroux, and others.

When The Spirit of the Age was bound, it included an alphabetical "Index" for Volume I—organized, on the model of the time, by some combination of title and topic—and a chronological listing of contents for Volume II. These references can be found in the appropriate volume's entry, together with new, and more complete indexes. Each issue entry begins with a full contents listing.

Contents by Volume

  1. Volume 1: July 7-December 29, 1849 (26 issues)
  2. Volume 2: January 5-April 27, 1850 (17 issues)

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