The Sun Of Love

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ONCE a pond lily, sturdy and fragrant, looked down into the mud from which she was growing. "Hideous slime," she murmured, " it makes me miserable to think that I spring from such repulsive stuff. I will remove myself to yonder clean boards on the bridge."

But tug as she might at her long tough stem she could not dislodge her roots. The more she strove the more her head went under the water and the more her whiteness and her fragrance faded.

One morning the sun broke through the clouds, and rested upon the bosom of the lake. He caressed the pallid lily, who forgot her slimy stem down in the depths and opened her heart to him. Lo! it was of pure gold and so fragrant that he lingered there. That night she let fall in to that mud that she had despised, some tiny seeds, saying, "There, dear children, rest in the cool darkness until it is time for you to come forth into your mother's happy life."