The Tree of Equity

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In the Garden of the King’s palace stood a beautiful Tree; a fountain nourished It with the water of Love, and underneath the Children did their wholesome work and played.

Some of the King’s servants said: “This tree is good for shade; but in the world we have seen charitable trees which give food and drink and medicine and raiment as well as shade. Therefore we will plant such trees beside the other.”

And these new trees grew up and shut off the winds of heaven from the Tree of Equity so that it grew twisted and waxed weak. Moreover, the water of the fountain was drawn off. Therefore the leaves of the Tree of Equity withered away.

When its shade was lost the fierce heat of Competition beat down and sucked up the springs of Love, so that the sap dried out even from the earthly frees, and those who sought shelter from the heat were mocked by withered boughs.

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