The Wing of Love

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WINTER lay hard upon the land, & the heart of the child was unsatisfied and sad; for the child listened to the tale of a land where all things bloom forever in the wonderful sunshine of love.

The child said, "Here it is dull & cold, yet, almost in my reach there are flowers and almost in my hand is love." Then the Teacher arose and gave her beautiful flowers, and for a moment the child was glad, but the sadness came again. The child said, "If I had wings, I would fly to that land of love." So the Teacher kissed the child, and petted her, and the child was happy, but in a little while she was dissatisfied. The child said, "I will set out alone for the wonderful land of love." The child wandered seeking that land till her hair was gray and her day was spent; then, weeping, she returned. The Teacher said, "My child, only when all go with us, shall that land be open; that land is in our hearts, where all things bloom forever in the wonderful sunbeams of Love."

Bolton Hall.

  • Bolton Hall, “The Wing of Love,” The Whim 2, no. 2 (September 1901): 118-119.