Their Works do Follow Them

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Their Works do Follow Them

By Bolton Hall

There was a great fire in the pit. It was built with toil, and it was fierce and bright. Huge logs blazed up, heating each other, and the flames roared hungrily.

On the edge of the pit, beyond the fire, a fagot had been thrown. No one saw it. The outside of it was charred and cold. But its heart glowed. It was a little fagot.

The great fire went out, for all its fuel was consumed. The air grew damp and chill.

There came a wind from God, and the fire in the little fagot waked. Slowly a wreath of smoke curled out, slowly a little tongue pushed up, and the fagot burst into flame. Softly the flame crept through the grass; it touched a tree and vaulted wildly up—the forest was afire, and its brightness lighted up the World.

The little fagot burned out, like the great fire. No one noticed it. Its fuel also was consumed.

  • Bolton Hall, “Their Works do Follow Them,” The Outlook 57, no. 5 (October 2, 1897): 332.