To the Anarchists of America

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The activity and experience of the past have clearly demonstrated to us the necessity of united and systematic effort for the purpose of greater propagandistic effect.

This, we are firmly convinced, could be best accomplished by a federation of individual Anarchists and groups along autonomic lines.

Several Anarchist groups and a number of individuals of New York City have, therefore, combined into an organization, to be known as the Anarchist Federation.

The members of the Federation have thus far, after thorough discussion, agreed upon the following points as a basis for the Federation's activity:

1. Participation in the every-day social life of the people.

2. Self-educational clubs and lecture bureau.

3. Participation in the labor movement with the specific propaganda of Direct Action and the General Strike.

4. An Anarchist Home, i. e. hall, club, and library.

5. Defence Bureau for imprisoned comrades, and for other political prisoners, if possible.<ref>The Federation considers the defence of comrades a duty, irrespective of the Federation's attitude toward the particular cause of arrest.</ref>

6. School for Children.

7. Declaration of Principles.

(After a greater number of groups and individuals have joined the Federation, the latter will call a Convention to work out a Declaration of Principles.)

8. Joining of the American Federation to the International.

As the name Anarchist Federation indicates, each member of the Federation—whether individual or group—preserves his full autonomy, free to act in all matters according to his own best judgment. The Federation, on its part, reserves the right to declare itself either for or against any action of its members.

We trust that the various groups and comrades at large will see their way clear to joining forces with the Federation. We hope that after a thorough discussion within the groups themselves, our comrades will find no objections to acting with the Federation along the points stated. Comrades, there are probably various questions of principle and tactics upon which different opinions prevail. But on the other hand there are certain issues upon which all can join, and it is these we lay before you for your discussion and final action.

The burning questions of the day offer us a wide field of action. Let us not remain standing passively aside. Let us rather immediately enter the arena.

The Federation has already initiated its activity by organizing monster mass meetings of the unemployed. Its immediate program further contains the organization of a series of lectures to popularize Anarchism. Also the immediate publication, in English and Jewish, of a pamphlet on the Crisis, to be spread in hundreds of thousands all over the country.

We call the attention of groups and comrades to the necessity of immediate action with regard to the proposed pamphlet, which is already written and set. The question of joining the Federation the groups can decide only after some discussion. That will necessarily require time. But the question of the pamphlet must be decided upon at once, and we call upon all comrades and groups to notify us without unnecessary delay as to the number of pamphlets they desire, and to what extent they can contribute to help defray the expenses of publication.

Fraternally, Anarchist Federation Of New York.

All communications to the Federation are to be addressed to the Secretary, J. O. Behr, 552 Fox St., New York. Money to be sent to the Treasurer, Alexander Berkman, Box 47 D, New York.


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