Unsuccessful Diagnosis

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THE Man's cough grew worse, so he resorted to the physicians.

"From the stomach, I think," said Dr. Simtom.

"Pardon me, there is no such thing as a cough from the stomach," answered Dr. Modern.

"From the effects of vaccination, I should say," announced Dr. Nature.

"Indeed," replied his colleague, Dr. Serum, "let me remind you that (except tetanus, blood-poisoning and graft) there are no evil effects of vaccination."

"Well," said Dr. Experiment, " it is not to be expected that we should all agree "

"On one thing we are agreed," cried Dr. Getrox, " that is to charge five dollars apiece."

But the widow refused to pay.

  • Bolton Hall, “Unsuccessful Diagnosis,” Life 52, no. 1359 (November 12, 1908): 527.