Want to Recover Some of Masquerier's Property

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Want to Recover Some of Masquerier's Property

There is trouble over the estate of the late Louis Masquerier, the eccentric Frenchman and Communist who died in Greenpoint two years ago after having carefully supervised the erection of his own tombstone. Mary B. Corum, a sister, has brought suit in the Supreme Court, Brooklyn, to recover her brother's real estate at Java and Franklin streets. The property is now in the possession of John A. Lant. Hector Finney, and a number of half brothers and sisters, who are made defendants

Mrs. Corum alleged that John A. Lant caused Masquerier, by undue influence, to execute a deed transferring the property to him. She says that her brother was not informed of the nature of the paper. It if also charged that Lant persuaded the old gentlemen to sign a will giving him all of his personal property. This will was never offered for probate and Mrs. Corum is anxious to have the deed and will set aside.

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