Written on Hearing of the Death of Camilla Wright

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Written on Hearing Unwelcome News

They say tis best to be deceived
When sad realities would break the heart:
O would I could be thus relieved
When moral meteors like thee depart.

Ah! vain the thought - We seldom find
A friend like thee in all mankind
And when thou'rt gone can we caress thee
And think thee here when most we miss thee?

Ah no - Then let the poor, the weak,
The injured, talented and meek
Prepare to hear what I most dread
To tell - Their friend Camilla's dead.

O would that death could be controled
By tears, by reason or by gold
These in excess thy friends would give-
E'en die for thee, couldst thou but live.

Thy doating sister too, when oft reclined
Fatigued and worn, will call to mind
Thy gentle, soothing, watchful care
Will call "Camilla" but thou wilt not hear.

She has thee not; but now alone
Feels every moment, thou art gone!
Kind friends around us strive in vain
To place her as she was, again.

She lives now but to haste the day
(and knows her aid can speed its coming)
When, if sweet flowers too soon decay
They'll leave as sweet, around us blooming.

  • Josiah Warren, “Written on Hearing of the Death of Camilla Wright,” The Free Enquirer 5, no. 18 (February 23, 1833): 144.